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Our Scaffolding in Action

Our Scaffolding in action
CUSM: Centre Universitaire de Santé McGill (McGill University Health Center), Montreal
More than 20 000 shoring frames and accessories as well as dozens of flying formwork tables were used to carry out the formwork of the concrete structure for the CUSM. A total of more than 1 500 000 sq.ft of structural slabs were scaffolded. (photo >>)
University of Sherbrooke in Longueuil
Nearly 10 000 shoring frames and accessories were used to achieve the 15-storey structure including very high and complex atriums. (photo >>)
CHUM: Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal
(University of Montreal Hospital Centre)
Several hundred thousands of frames and accessories and nearly 2 000 000 sq.ft of structural slabs to scaffold. The Universelle Rental research and development team designed a flying formwork system which can reach heights of more than 4 meters. This system allows to save a lot of time and labour in total safety. (photo >>)
Highway 30 - Tunnel de Soulanges
More than 1 500 shoring frames and accessories were used to scaffold the slab of the tunnel roof which is 90 meters long and 1.5 meters thick. (photo >>)
Laval Metro Line: Montmorency Station
Prefabrication of complete scaffolding towers of over 40 feet high for the most impressive of the three new metro stations. The shelter created with our scaffolding enabled work to be carried out during the winter, ensuring major energy savings. (photo >>)
Laval Metro Line: Cartier Station
Pre-assembling of scaffolding towers outside the construction site to considerably accelerate the schedule, ensuring maximum security in the work carried out and great savings in terms of labour. (photo >>)
L’Acadie Traffic Circle
For this project, formwork panels of more than 40 feet (13 m) high were used. (Particular situation: with a setting time of 12 hours for 50 MPa high perfomance concrete, our equipment easily resisted the enormous pressure that was inflicted.) (photo >>)
Université de Montréal - Lassonde Pavilions
The complex construction of these pavilions required more than 5,000 frames, 700,000 cubic feet (20,000 m3) of concrete and 800,000 square feet (274,000 m2) of formwork. (photo >>)
UQAM – Science Pavilion
More than 400,000 square feet (37,000 m2) of slabs were carried out with scaffold frames and flying formwork. (photo >>)
Grande Bibliothèque nationale du Québec
This project required more than 6,000 scaffolding frames. Certain slabs were up to 25 m (80' - 0") high. This project received the Armatura Award of Excellence given by the Reinforcing Steel Institute of Quebec to highlight quality concrete work that has been reinforced with steel and that represents a challenge in terms of design, while respecting safety and deadlines. (photo >>)
"HEIST" film set, Montreal
Film starring Gene Hackman and Dany DeVito, filmed in Montreal. (photo >>)
Canadair-Bombardier Administrative Centre, Dorval
More than 710,000 square feet of formwork was carried out in 83 working days due to the availability of our equipment. (photo >>)
Kruger P.T.R. - Waste Water Tank, Trois-Rivières
Use of strongbacks during the prefabrication of round formwork panels for holding tanks. (photo >>)
HEC Montreal
More than 5,600 frames and accessories, such as strongbacks & others, were used to carry out the formwork for the concrete structure of the Hautes Études Commerciales Complex. (photo >>)
Kenworth-Paccar Plant, Ste-Thérèse
Temporary support of the roof during the replacement of metal retaining columns. (photo >>)
Olympic Stadium, Montreal
Hollow core beam of reinforced concrete weighing approximately 2,272,000 kg (5,000,000 pounds) built using more than 3,000 frames. (photo >>)
The Multimedia City (Motorola Building), Montreal
More than 742,000 square feet of formwork was carried out in six months due to the availability of our equipment. (photo >>)
Carrefour Laval
Suspended platform at a height of more than 70 feet enabling the construction of a glass roof while allowing work space below. (photo >>)
Highway 720 (East & West) in Montreal
Installation of 9,000 shoring frames to support the raised structure of Highway 720 during its demolition and reconstruction. Loads supported were more than 320 KN/m, which was the entire weight of the structure itself, traffic and vibrations caused by heavy vehicles. (photo >>)
Université de Montréal - J.-Armand Bombardier Pavilion (Technopole)
Use of aluminium frames and flying forms for the construction of this seven-storey building during rough winter conditions. (photo >>)
Caisse de dépôt et placements du Québec
New business offices in Montreal
Scaffolding for the construction of two towers of more than 61 m (200') high. (photo >>)



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